Tutorial: Driving a 144×32 Graphic LCD

We have published a sample Arduino Sketch that shows how to drive a Sitronix ST7920 based CFAG14432D 144×32 Graphic LCD in our support forum.

With just a few primitive functions, you can create some nice looking displays.

Driving the CFAG 144x 32 LCD Arduino Demonstration

We used a Seeeduino v4.2. An Arduino Uno would work just as well. Here is a video overview of our setup.

In-Depth Tutorial

For the complete tutorial with photo step outs, please visit our support forum thread:
ST7920 Seeeduino v4.2 / Arduino Sample Sketch Driving a 144×32 Graphic LCD

Graphic LCDs

Take a closer look at the Crystalfontz 144×32 Graphic LCD featured in this post and our entire line of graphic LCD and OLED modules.

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