e-Paper is Here!

Question: What’s so special about e-Paper?

Answer: The key to e-paper is low power.

CFAP200200A0-0154 is a 1.54″ black and white graphic epaper display ‒ front view with power off, FPC unfolded

e-Paper Displays Are A Low Power Solution

If your project needs a very low-power display solution, a zero-power ePaper display is the answer.

First designed to mimic the appearance of black ink on white paper, these electrophoretic display modules are sometimes referred to as EPD (Electronic Paper Displays). This technology is now widely used for ebook readers and ESL (electronic shelf labels).

e-Paper Colors: Three Level Grey Plus Red

Available colors on these modules are black, 50% white, or red. This 2.9 inch 128×296 ePaper module (the CFAP128296B0-0290, pictured below), like our other ePaper modules, is sunlight-readable and the built-in voltage generation requires only a few external components.


CFAP128296B0-0290 is a 2.90″ graphic e-paper display, red + 3-level grayscale ‒ front view with power off, FPC unfolded.

Once an image is written to the ePaper display, it will stay visible without any power consumption until you decide to change it.

These modules are ultra thin with a depth of 1.18 mm and weight of only 7.35 grams, e-paper has an obvious advantage over other display technologies for small handheld battery operated devices or devices powered by solar.

E-paper displays are rapidly growing in popularity for store shelf labels and can be scanned by a barcode reader.

Get Started with e-Paper Displays

Crystalfontz carries several e-paper modules.

For a fast start, use our sample code to display your images. Our clean, open-source demonstration code runs directly on a low cost Seeeduino v4.2 (3.3v Arduino clone).

For assistance in determining what module is the best one for your application, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or chat. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about e-paper modules or any of the LCD, TFT, and OLED modules we carry.