This module is coming soon and will replace the CFAF320480C4-035T.

The only anticipated difference is the display controller is changing from HX8357B to ILI9488. Contact support if you have any questions.

320x480 3.5" Color TFT (Coming Soon)

Part Number: CFAF320480C7-035TN

Customers in many different industries have chosen this full-color graphic TFT display module for its stunning 320x480 pixel 3.5-inch diagonal active area.

A compatible display with a resistive touchscreen is also available.

The combination of high pixel density and only 3.3v for all power makes this display a perfect choice for hand held, portable, or desktop instruments.

  • Only requires a 3.3v source for power, logic, and backlight
  • Integrated ILI9488 or compatible display controller
  • Host interface modes are:
    • 8-bit, 9-bit, 16-bit or 18-bit parallel interface to host.
    • 16-bit or 18-bit "DOTCLK" RGB interface.
    • 3- or 4-wire SPI.
  • White LED backlight has anode (A,+) and cathode (K, -) pins brought out on the FPC
  • The 50-pin FPC mates with standard 0.5mm ZIF sockets such as this 50 Position, 0.50mm Pitch ZIF Connector
  • Replaces the CFAF320480C4-035T
Part Number Decoder:
CFA - Crystalfontz America
320480 - 320x480 Pixels
C7 - Family Identifier
035 - 3.5" Diagonal
T - Standard Brightness
N - No Touchscreen

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