Sunlight Readable Graphic LCD Arduino Module

Part Number: CFAG12864Q1-TFH-E1

This graphic LCD module acts as a shield for Arduino Uno-style microcontrollers. The pins on the carrier board match up to the Arduino Uno's ports, so the module simply presses on and is fully and correctly connected. Plus, this carrier board is able to be connected to either a 3.3v logic level or a 5v logic level device. (Read our blog post if you have questions about logic level.)

The carrier board also includes pads for a 2x10 tenth-inch header, offering flexibility in how you incorporate the display into your project.

This module is also available with a white-on-blue graphic display, or as a fully built kit with an included Seeeduino (Arduino Uno clone) loaded with code to demonstrate the graphic display.

The hardware design of this carrier board is open source. Under the Datasheets & Files tab is a downloadable zip file that contains everything you need to manufacture your own boards: Gerber files, PADs source schematic and layout, and full BOM. If you have any questions, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or chat.

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Components worth considering
1303 USB-A to Micro-B Cable
Need a USB Cable? $5.75 ea.
4583 Seeeduino 4.3
Need a microcontroller? $10.00 ea.
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Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 128 x 64
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 82 56 11.5
inches 3.228 2.205 0.453
Viewing Area width height
millimeters 70.7 38.8
inches 2.783 1.528
Active Area width height
millimeters 66.52 33.24
inches 2.619 1.309
Dot Size width height
millimeters 0.48 0.48
inches 0.019 0.019
Dot Pitch width height
millimeters 0.52 0.52
inches 0.020 0.020
Weight 56g
Pin Count 20

Optical Characteristics

Polarizer Transflective
Sunlight Readable Yes
Backlight Color White
Backlight Type LED
Foreground Color Dark
Background Color Gray


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -20° 70°
Fahrenheit -4° 158°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -30° 80°
Fahrenheit -22° 176°


Controller Documents Sitronix ST7567
65 x 132 Dot Matrix LCD Controller/Driver
Interface 8-bit Parallel, SPI


Nits 1040

Additional Options

Purchase with a Seeeduino for a complete development kit.

Graphic LCD Development Kit
Part Number: CFAG12864Q1-TFH-E1-2

This fully functional graphic LCD kit includes an LCD shield mounted on an Arduino Uno-style controller. Simply plug the kit into a power source (such as your computer) with the included cable for a demonstration. Then use the demo code as a jumping off point for your project.

This graphic LCD screen is plenty large for readable text and small enough to integrate into a hand held product.

This kit is also available with a white on blue graphic display, or the graphic display and carrier board are available without the Seeeduino.

The carrier board hardware design, module datasheet, and demonstration code are all available under the Datasheets & Files section of the web page. If you have any questions, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or chat.

Quantity 1
Price $91.34
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.