Arduino Shield LCD Giveaway!

We recently replaced our family of CFAO12864D3 graphic LCD displays with a new family of 128×64 low power backlit LCDs, but we have some of the Blue D3 displays left in stock. They’re great displays with bright backlights and we have an Arduino-shield style breakout board for them, so they’re great for hobby builders!

A quick example project to emulate a die and timer is included below to get your ideas flowing. What would you make with one?

Graphic LCD Arduino Shield Giveaway

Want to get started without waiting for the giveaway? The blue displays with shield are available here at a lower price until we run out!

Die and Timer Emulator

My family long ago lost the timer for one of our favorite games – Scattegories. This replacement timer also handles rolling the alphabet die, so no one has the (extremely minor) disadvantage of rolling the die.


Just the Seeeduino Shield Kit and sketch! Nice and easy.

Project Description

This sketch runs automatically when power is applied. It “rolls” the letter then and begins a 99 second timer. When the timer finishes, the display flashes and says “time’s up!”. In the below video, the timer has been sped way up:

Areas for growth:

This project is meant to get ideas flowing and there are lots of customizations and improvements to be made! Some ideas for improvements are listed below. Let us know if you have other ideas!

  • Buzzer that sounds in addition to flashing at the end of the timer
  • Case or box for the timer
  • Add other types of dice for different games
  • Weight letters to come up more or less frequently (tell other players if you do this though, no one likes a cheater!)
  • Make a pocket game by adding the categories to the display

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