Spring ’22: New Products


New to our EVE display line-up and our biggest EVE display yet, the 7″ EVE uses Bridgetek’s BT817 to simplify integrating this display. This display module has 1024×600 pixels, a capacitive touchscreen, a sunlight readable backlight, mounting stand-offs, and can be powered off a single 5v voltage source.

Product Changes

As with many tech sectors, part shortages have been affecting the display industry. We have been receiving more change notices than ever from our suppliers. As we receive change notifications, we work to make products that are compatible with our previous products. We follow the “form, fit, function” rules in determining whether to issue a Part Change Notification (PCN), or to End of Life (EOL) a part with a direct replacement. If any of form, fit, or function change in such a way that a customer may be affected, we err on the side of issuing an EOL.

We strongly recommend signing up to receive PCNs via email.

In the past few months, we have introduced the following replacement parts:

CFAL1602H0-Y replaced CFAL1602L0-Y

The bezel of this part changed affecting both the viewing area and the height of the bezel, thus prompting the EOL of the L0 part. The new H0 has the same yellow pixels, pinout, and controller as the old L0 part. With 2 rows of 16 characters, this display is a great way to update a from a character LCD. Plus, OLED displays operate at wider temperature ranges (typically -40°C to 80°C).

And don’t forget that Crystalfontz is all about supporting our customers. The datasheet, 3D model, and demo code are all available in the right hand side bar.

CFAG12864Q1 Family replaced CFAO12864D3 Family

The ST7565P controller used in the old part became unavailable. The new CFAG12864Q1 parts uses the ST7567 instead. We haven’t found much difference between the two controllers (our demo code loaded right up). We always recommend ordering samples and testing in your application.

Nothing else about these displays changed. It’s still available in dark on gray or in white on blue, has a super bright backlight, and is available with an arduino-shield style breakout board for quick prototyping or development.

At the time of writing, a few of the old white on blue CFAO12864D3-TMI parts are still available, so if change scares you, pick them up before they’re gone.

CFAF240240A3-013TN replaced CFAF240240A1-013T

Due to glass shortages, our popular 1.3″ TFT display was out of stock for longer than we had hoped. While the change to the glass resulted in minor changes to the active area size, the new A3 display is a perfect drop in replacement for the old A1 display. We currently have a few sample pieces in stock, and expect larger quantities to be available in the coming weeks. For up to date lead time requests, you can always submit an information request. Our pricing is always available on the product page.

At just 1.3″ on the diagonal with 240×240 pixels and only 3.3v needed even for the backlight, this dense display is perfect for small battery powered devices (e.g., wearables, cameras, scanners, keyboards).