240x240 Color TFT LCD Display Part Number: CFAF240240A1-013T

New Product Alert: Square 240×240 TFT LCD

Introducing our newest addition to the Crystalfontz line of TFT displays: our 240×240 square full-color TFT display — a small, high-density square TFT LCD module.

This display is ideal for any application that needs a small display, especially useful for wearables, smartwatch, or small handheld instruments.

240x240 Color TFT LCD Display Part Number: CFAF240240A1-013T

Hip to be Square

Reasons we love this display:

  • Shape: The 240×240 square shape is easily mounted at any orientation and the display output can be flipped/rotated accordingly.
  • Size: This small TFT easily runs on an Arduino or Adafruit Feather board.
  • Crispness: These high-density displays feature super crisp 57,600 pixels in 1.3″ active area.
  • Interface: 4-wire SPI, fast enough to run video (if you use a fast host/controller, not an Arduino).
  • Power: This display utilizes a single 3.3v power source for logic and backlight (easy to integrate).
  • IPS: Gives a wide 160° viewing angle in any orientation.
  • Thin: Only 1.5mm, including the backlight.
  • Easy: 0.5mm, 18-pin ZIF connector keeps it simple.

See This Full Color Square TFT LCD in Action

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