320x240 3.5" Full Color TFT LCD

Part Number: CFAF320240F-035T

For maximum flexibility, this 3.5-inch diagonal full color QVGA 320x240 TFT has lots of different interfaces: 8-bit/9-bit/16-bit/18-bit parallel (8080 or 6800); 16-bit or 18-bit "DOTCLK" RGB; or 3- or 4-wire SPI. For easy connection to your host, the FFC/FPC tail mates with easy-to-find ZIF sockets.

To save time during prototype development, this TFT display module is available in a kit with a Crystalfontz breakout/carrier board.(See Under ADDITIONAL OPTIONS below.)

For a touchscreen version of this display, we offer the CFAF320240F-035T-TS.

Detailed Benefits

  • Active Area is 70.08 (W) x 52.56 (H) millimeters (2.76" (W) x 2.07" (H)).
  • The integrated Solomon Systech SSD2119 or compatible driver requires only a single 3.3v supply for both power and logic.
  • The display module has a built-in DC-DC converter for panel voltage.
  • The 50-pin FFC mates with standard 0.5 mm ZIF sockets such as HFJ150CT-ND and HFK150CT-ND available from Digi-Key.
  • 6:00 o'clock viewing direction (polarizer viewing direction). Can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Operating temperature range is -20°C to +70°C.

Free downloadable sample code is under the DATASHEETS & FILES section. Need more information? Feel free to contact our tech support team for assistance.

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5 $69.59
10 $67.76
20 $65.47
50 $59.85
100 $55.72
200 * $55.30
300 * $51.66
500 * $48.07
1000 * $44.54
* For quantites over this amount the lead time may be up to 90 days. Contact us about potential lead times.
Components worth considering
4639 50 Position, 0.50mm Pitch, Gold, FCC FPC ZIF Connector
Add 5 ZIF Connectors $1.76 ea.
4831 50-Position ZIF Breakout Board
Add a 50-pin ZIF Breakout Board? $6.54 ea.
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Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 320 x 240
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 77.6 64.4 3.1
inches 3.055 2.535 0.122
*width / height does not include Foldable Tab
Diagonal Dimension 3.45"
Active Area width height
millimeters 70.08 52.56
inches 2.759 2.069
Dot Size width height
millimeters 0.06 0.21
inches 0.002 0.008
Dot Pitch width height
millimeters 0.22 0.22
inches 0.009 0.009
Optional Connectors CS050Z50GB0
Weight 24g

Optical Characteristics

Glass Type TN
Polarizer Transmissive
View Direction 0.25 o'clock
Backlight Color White
Backlight Type LED
Foreground Color RGB
Background Color Dark

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 2.5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 3.6V
Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 3V
Supply Voltage for Driving Panel Typical 3V
Module Connector Pitch 0.5mm


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -20° 70°
Fahrenheit -4° 158°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -30° 80°
Fahrenheit -22° 176°
Humidity min max
Non-condensing 0% 90%


Controller Documents Solomon Systech SSD2119
SSD2119 320 RGB x 240 TFT LCD Driver
Integrated Power Circuit, Source and Gate Driver and RAM
Interface 16-bit Parallel, 18-bit Parallel, 8-bit Parallel, 9-bit Parallel, DOT-CLK interface / Generic RGB, SPI


Foldable Tab Yes

Additional Options

As an option, you can order this TFT pre-assembled onto a breakout/carrier board. The board allows easy prototyping through its 0.1" headers. You can also include the carrier board in your end product to simplify construction and assembly.

Additionally you can purchase this module on an FTDI EVE accelerated board which provides a complete API for designing your user interface.

3.5" 320x240 EVE Development Kit
Part Number: CFAF320240F-035T-A1-2

This development kit includes everything needed to get started with the 3.5" EVE module: a 320x240 display mounted on an EVE2 graphically accelerated PCBA, a Seeeduino, an EVE breakout board, jumper wires, USB cable and a ribbon cable. We even assemble this kit and pre-load some demonstration software so that you can have a functioning module in your hands within seconds.

Because the display module includes an EVE (embedded video engine) chip, it's a perfect choice for an HMI. EVE is a graphics controller solution that can control both display and audio operations. Additionally, Bridgetek/FTDI supports the EVE chip with graphical design toolchains to aid in development.

If you're looking for a display with a touchscreen, check out the 3.5" resistive touch EVE development kit, or the rest of Crystalfontz's EVE lineup.

See the webpage for the 3.5" EVE module for the demonstration code, datasheet, 3D models, and more.

Quantity 1
Price $112.47
CFAF320240F-035T TFT With Carrier Board
Part Number: CFAF320240F-035T-CB

This kit consists of a CFAF320240F-035T a 320x240 3.5" Full Color TFT LCD module mounted on a carrier board (CFA-10074). The carrier board supports a current driver for the LED backlight of the display.

We also have this same module and carrier board with a touchscreen.

Quantity 1 10 20 50 100 200 * 500 * 1000 *
Price $63.33 $57.58 $57.11 $56.65 $56.19 $55.72 $45.02 $39.17
320x240 TFT with EVE Accelerator
Part Number: CFAF320240F-035T-A1-1

This TFT LCD display module is perfect for the designer who's looking to have a graphic and audio processor already embedded in the display unit. Powered by an FTDI/BridgeTek FT810 Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphics accelerator chip, simply send over a few commands via SPI or I2C and the EVE will put your stored image up on the display. Need to draw a line, create dials/knobs/buttons, or rotate an image? Send a handful of bytes and the EVE will take care of it.

For more information on the 3.5" TFT used in this kit, see the 320x240 3.5" Full Color TFT LCD (CFAF320240F-035T) product page.

For detailed information on the Embedded Video Engine and all of the supported features, please see the FTDI FT81x Datasheet.

Further information including programming examples, interface design software, and more can be found on FTDI’s website here: https://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities.htm or on our GitHub repository.

Currently Shipping: HW Version 0v2, Firmware Version: 0v0

Quantity 1 5 10 20 50 100 200 * 300 * 500 * 1000 *
Price $91.38 $85.32 $83.08 $80.27 $77.46 $76.34 $75.77 $75.22 $74.66 $74.09

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #11027: The glass used in the parts list has been changed

Products Affected: CFAF320240F-035T, CFAF320240F-035T-TS
Date Issued: December 11, 2018
Summary: The glass used in the parts list has been changed
Reason: The change was made to improve performance and function.
Impact: Customers should not have to make any modifications.
Recommendation: Although tests at Crystalfontz have not found any difference in code requirements, it is recommended that customers perform their own tests to verify operation with their hardware.
Availability: The updated displays are available now.

Part Change Notice #10423: BOM change for LED backlight effective 2012/05/29

Products Affected: CFAF320240F-035T, CFAF320240F-035T-TS, CFAF320240F-035T-CB, CFAF320240F-035T-TS-CB
Date Issued: June 15, 2012
Summary: BOM change for LED backlight effective 2012/05/29
Description: The LEDs used in the backlight for the CFAF320240F-035 family of TFT LCD modules and any assemblies using the CFAF320240F-035 family of TFT LCD modules produced from 2011-03 to 2011-11 is no longer available. To avoid any interruption in supply for our customers, we have gone back to using the LEDs which were in the backlight assembly prior to that point. The LEDs now used are more toward the blue end of the spectrum, whereas the LEDs used for the March-November 2011 period were toward the red end of the spectrum. There may be a difference in light output, but still in the specified range from our datasheet.
Reason: Component end of life.
Impact: Low. The specifications for the LEDs used in the backlight still meet the specifications stated in our datasheets.
Availability: Current stock.
Price Change: N/A

Part Change Notice #10403: Glass characteristics change requiring single command initialization change for optimal contrast.

Products Affected: CFAF320240F-035T, CFAF320240F-035T-TS, CFAF320240F-035T-CB, CFAF320240F-035T-TS-CB
Date Issued: February 24, 2012
Summary: Glass characteristics change requiring single command initialization change for optimal contrast.
Description: PCN for CFAF320240F family of products due to a change in panel vendors.
Reason: In order to maintain uninterrupted supply of this module, we changed vendors for the LCD panel so that lead times would not be affected.
Impact: Because of the slightly different characteristics of the panel, a single command in the initialization of the module should be changed so that optimal contrast can be achieved.

No other changes are necessary.
Recommendation: Change the following registers from:

write_command(0x001E); // Power Control 5

write_data(0x00B7); // Page 53 of SSD2119 datasheet


write_command(0x001E); // Power Control 5

write_data(0x00BE); // Page 53 of SSD2119 datasheet

and contrast should be optimal for the display.
Availability: Immediately for non-touchscreen modules, with a cut-in for the modules with a touchscreen over the next several months.
Price Change: Pricing is not affected by this change.

Product Update #10335: Change in TFT part numbers

Products Affected: CFAF240320K-T-TS, CFAF176220M-T, CFAF240320E-T, CFAF128160C-T, CFAF240320P-T, CFAF320240F-T, CFAF320240F-T-TS, CFAF240400D-T, CFAF128160C-018T, CFAF176220U-020T, CFAF240400D-030T, CFAF320240F-035T
Date Issued: March 29, 2011
Summary: Change in TFT part numbers
Description: We are changing our TFT part numbers to have them better describe the parts being ordered. The change should be complete for all TFT modules shipping within the next six months.

Part numbers will change as follows:
CFAF128160C-T will change to CFAF128160C-018T
CFAF176220M-T will change to CFAF176220U-020T
CFAF240320E-T will change to CFAF240320H-022T
CFAF240320K-T-TS will change to CFAF240320K-024T-TS
CFAF240320P-T will change to CFAF240320S-032T
CFAF240400D-T will change to CFAF240400D-030T
CFAF320240F-T will change to CFAF320240F-035T
CFAF320240F-T-TS will change to CFAF320240F-035T-TS
Reason: There are many TFT modules with the same logical dimensions (resolution) with considerably different sizes. In order to help ease any confusion, we have decided to add the diagonal dimension to the part number.
Impact: The part number is all that is changing, there are no other changes to the parts, so there should be no significant impact.
Availability: The transition period should be about six months from the date of this bulletin.
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.