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What is a Display?

Brand new to displays? This post is the perfect start point. What does “display” mean? When we say “display” we are speaking generally about all LCD, TFT, OLED, and ePaper displays. Sometimes displays are included in a module that adds features and these modules are still called “displays” so that can certainly be confusing. In

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New Products from Q2

Once a quarter, we take a beat to round up our latest releases. You can see previous product round ups here. 3.5″ Display Family Completely new to the website is a family of 3.5″ Sunlight readable IPS TFT LCDs. This family includes a non-touch, capacitive touch, and resistive touch display. The bright backlight makes this

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The RGB interface transfers image data using a separate parallel line for each bit of color information. For larger color depths, more lines have to be independently controlled. Each line represents a 2x multiplier on potential colors that can be described. Monochrome displays have just 1-bit color and pixels are either “on” or “off”. A

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daylight readable

A daylight readable display is usable in bright indirect light. For a TFT, daylight readable tends to mean the backlight is at least 500 nits. Of course, transflective and reflective displays do not need strong backlights to be daylight readable. Daylight readable displays include sunlight readable displays, though not all daylight readable displays will be

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