New Products and a Supply Chain Update

As you’re likely aware, electronics shortages and supply chain problems have amplified from ripples to big waves in the past few months. Back in December 2020, we released a blog post warning about some shortages, and the market has not settled. We are actively working with our suppliers to make sure we have the displays our customers need. But to do that, we need to know what you need. We appreciate all of our customers who have submitted orders early.

Please continue to submit orders as soon as possible for on time delivery. Contact our sales department with orders and inquiries.

New Products

In-Cell Touch Kits

Many people asked for them and now they’re here! In-cell touch breakout boards and demonstration kits are available on our website. These displays can be a little touchy to get going, but our kits make getting started nice and smooth.

The display modules are available in 1.71″ 32×128 pixels and in 0.96″ 64×128 pixels. The full in-cell touch development kits take all the wiring questions out of the equation. We’ll ship a fully wired and tested kit running demonstration code.

5″ EVE Update

Our 5″ EVE lineup was recently updated with the new 4th generation EVE chip – the BT817. Additionally, we added external flash to increase the number of objects that can be on the display at once, and added support for resistive touchscreens.

The 5″ EVE lineup includes a non-touch display, a capacitive touch display, an overhung capacitive touch display, and a resistive touch display. Each of the modules is also available as a demonstration kit.

Cables and Headers

In addition to our fantastic displays, we also carry many display accessories which range from cables to kits to headers to breakout boards.

Over the summer we added a 10-foot uUSB cable, a 12-inch DSI cable, and a dual row header to our selection. Is there a display accessory you’re looking for? Let us know!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, we can be reached at, we also provide chat and telephone support Monday through Friday during our open hours.

We love to hear about your projects! Find us around the web (YouTubeFacebookInstagramLinkedIn,  Twitter, Forum) and let us know what you’re working on.