Transparent OLED - CFAL12856A0-0151-B-Front-On-Grid-Paper

Transparent Displays

Crystalfontz is extra excited to announce the latest addition to our display line: the new Crystalfontz 128×56 Transparent OLED.

Let’s take a quick look before diving into the details.

Transparent OLED - CFAL12856A0-0151-B-Front-On-Grid-Paper
Crystalfontz 128×56 Transparent OLED Display

We love this bright display and transparent background. We are excited about the possibilities for working with your design ideas and projects.

The Details

This transparent OLED display:

  • Supports 4-wire SPI, 8-bit parallel, and I2C
  • Uses the common Solomon Systech SSD1309 integrated controller
  • The pixel color is a light-blue when lit and about 70% transparent when not lit
  • Super bright, monochrome display
  • 1.51″ diagonal
  • Easily powered up with an Arduino controller

Check it out in action

Need some transparency in your project?

We are here to answer your questions about this 128×56 transparent OLED display and will assist you in finding the best display for your project. Please contact our friendly sales and support team — ready to answer any questions that you may have about this module or any of our products.

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