A Quick ePaper Primer

ePaper Square Module by Crystalfontz

Did you know that ePaper modules emulate ink used  for paper? Check out the meaning of the glossary term electrophoresis and how it relates to ePaper module displays. Need ePaper for Your Project? For assistance in determining what ePaper module is the best one for your application, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or … Read more A Quick ePaper Primer

Not So FAQ: Can you use 30 temperature sensors, 200 feet from the PC ?

633 WinTest Temperature Measurement - crystalfontz.com

Here is a not-so-common customer question: Is it possible to measure server temperatures using 30 different sensors, 200 feet away from the computer? Answer: Yes, this possible! Our WRDOWY17 temperature sensor is a natural choice for this type of application. The Crystalfontz 16×2 character LCD with keypad gives an easy serial or USB interface to 32 WRDOWY17 sensors. … Read more Not So FAQ: Can you use 30 temperature sensors, 200 feet from the PC ?

Tech Support Chat

Crystalfontz Chat

When you can’t find the display or cable information you are looking for, we’d be happy to chat with you using the blue Contact Us! box located on the bottom left on all Crystalfontz web pages. Click here to contact us now. Personalized Customer Support President and Chief Technical Officer Brent noted, “When I’m working … Read more Tech Support Chat

e-Paper is Here!

Question: What’s so special about e-Paper? Answer: The key to e-paper is low power. e-Paper Displays Are A Low Power Solution If your project needs a very low-power display solution, a zero-power ePaper display is the answer. First designed to mimic the appearance of black ink on white paper, these electrophoretic display modules are sometimes referred … Read more e-Paper is Here!

What is the Difference Between OLED, PMOLED, and AMOLED?

128 x 64 Graphic OLED

Confused about the differences (and similarities) between OLEDs, PMOLEDs, and AMOLEDs? Quick Version: OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. PMOLED is Passive Matrix OLED — Passive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. AMOLED is Active Matrix OLED. An Active Matrix OLED uses a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) transistor-per-pixel architecture. Learn More To find out more … Read more What is the Difference Between OLED, PMOLED, and AMOLED?

LCD Glossary

Edge LED Backlight - www.crystalfontz.com

Wondering how LCDs are constructed? How liquid crystals create an image? Or how backlights arranged for best viewing? What about different types of connections (SPI and I2C) and ways to drive LCD displays? So many questions. We have answers — check out the new Crystalfontz LCD Glossary. Growing Glossary of LCD Terminology and Acronyms This glossary will … Read more LCD Glossary