Graphic LCD Adapter Board: CFA10110 Getting Started

Image of all the supplies listed in the "Supplies" section on a blue grid background

Relevant Displays and Kits Do you need help getting started with your graphic LCD and CFA10110 adapter board? This getting started guide helps bring up any of the following displays or kits: Low Power Transflective Graphic LCD Module (CFAG12864T3-NFH-E1-1) Low Power Transflective LCD Dev Kit (CFAG12864T3-NFH-E1-2) 128×64 Backlit Transflective LCD with Breakout Board (CFAG12864T3-TFH-E1-1) Small … Read more Graphic LCD Adapter Board: CFA10110 Getting Started

Pi Day Giveaway

a transparent OLED with blue pixels displaying a clock. Under the display is a sticker with the crystalfontz logo that is partially visible through the display. The display is on a breakout board connected to a raspberry pi zero

This giveaway has now closed This year for Pi Day, Crystalfontz is giving away a transparent OLED and a Pi Zero! Transparent OLED on Pi Zero The transparent OLED, transparent OLED breakout board, a USB cable, necessary wires and headers, and a Pi Zero with the uSD card, running a demonstration.