New Displays and Accessories

We’ve been working hard this year to make more display options available on our website. We have introduced a new board, the CFA10110 for our family of graphic LCDs, a new size in our EVE collection (what is an EVE display?), expanded our options in 5″ displays, and added a few accessories for individual purchase.

CFA10110 Graphic LCD Breakout Board

You may remember this family of graphic LCDs from our DIY Transparent LCD tutorial. Now we’ve created a handy breakout board for these displays. The breakout board attaches to the tail and breaks the connections out to 16 easy to use header pins. We also created this Getting Started with Graphic LCD and Breakout Board video to help speed along your project.

This breakout board is available for purchase on its own or as part of one of eight kits. If you’re going to make a transparent LCD, we’d recommend buying the board separately to save having to remove the board from the display.

There are many variations to choose from, so use this handy table to determine which part you’re interested in:

Name Part Number 1.1″ 2.2″ No Backlight Yes Backlight (CFA10110) Full Kit
Low Power Transflective Graphic LCD   Module (CFAG12864T3-NFH-E1-1) x x x
Low Power Transflective LCD Dev Kit (CFAG12864T3-NFH-E1-2) x x x x
128×64 Backlit Transflective LCD with   Breakout Board (CFAG12864T3-TFH-E1-1) x x x
Small Backlit Monochrome LCD Dev Kit (CFAG12864T3-TFH-E1-2) x x x x
Low Power Transflective LCD Display   Module (CFAG12864U3-NFH-E1-1) x x x
Low Power Monochrome LCD Dev Kit (CFAG12864U3-NFH-E1-2) x x x x
128×64 Monochrome Transflective Backlit   LCD Module (CFAG12864U3-TFH-E1-1) x x x
128×64 Transflective Backlit LCD   Development Kit (CFAG12864U3-TFH-E1-2) x x x x
1.1″ Small Transflective Graphic   LCD (CFAG12864T3-NFH) x x
1.1″ Small Backlit Sunlight Readable   LCD (CFAG12864T3-TFH) x x
2.2″ Low Power 128×64 Graphic   LCD (CFAG12864U3-NFH) x x
2.2″ 128×64 Backlit Low Power   LCD (CFAG12864U3-TFH) x x

Five Inch Displays

We have a family of gorgeous 5″ displays that are sunlight readable, IPS, and have a huge color depth. Recently, we’ve added two new options: a resistive touch panel display that’s great for applications outside or with users who wear gloves, as well as a capacitive touch display with an overhanging bezel that helps achieve a clean, attractive mount in your final product.

The other displays that round out the family are a non-touch version and a standard capacitive touch version. Check out our blog post to learn more about the differences between capacitive and resistive touch.

2.4″ EVE Displays

Also new are these 2.4″ EVE displays. Available with a capacitive touchscreen or without a touchscreen, these displays are high resolution and looks beautiful. Order a full development kit to get quickly into development.


We have the hottest accessories for spring. New to our collection of accessories is this dual row 16 position header. With its 8×2 pin design, this header is intended for use with character and graphic displays that have an 8×2 pin header. If your display has a straight row of holes, we also have a header for that.

We’ve also put a drive bay kit up for sale on our website. Do you already have a CFA533 or CFA633 and want to install it in your PC for some sweet retro vibes? You can pick up a drive bay bracket and follow our video guide to install it. If you’re buying a new display, we recommend ordering it installed in the drive bay kit.

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