RGB and Color Depth

How do TFTs show color? What is color depth for RGB displays? What is the difference between 16.7M colors and 262k? Let’s explore it! How Do TFT LCDs Show Color? To start, let’s discuss how RGB LCDs work. TFT LCDs (thin film transistor liquid crystal displays) comprise a series of layers: Each pixel of a … Read more RGB and Color Depth

Spring ’22: New Products

7″ EVE TFT New to our EVE display line-up and our biggest EVE display yet, the 7″ EVE uses Bridgetek’s BT817 to simplify integrating this display. This display module has 1024×600 pixels, a capacitive touchscreen, a sunlight readable backlight, mounting stand-offs, and can be powered off a single 5v voltage source. Product Changes As with … Read more Spring ’22: New Products

Transparent OLED Breakout Board: FAQs

Display inserted into ZIF connector on breakout board with finger to close ZIF connector

Do you have a transparent OLED question? Check out this compilation of frequently asked questions about the transparent OLED display and the transparent OLED breakout board (CFA10105). First, a lot of other questions can be answered by checking out these resources: CFA10105 datasheet (will download) Transparent OLED datasheet Getting started guide (for Seeeduino) Transparent on … Read more Transparent OLED Breakout Board: FAQs