LCD Glossary

Edge LED Backlight -

Wondering how LCDs are constructed? How liquid crystals create an image? Or how backlights arranged for best viewing? What about different types of connections (SPI and I2C) and ways to drive LCD displays? So many questions. We have answers — check out the new Crystalfontz LCD Glossary. Growing Glossary of LCD Terminology and Acronyms This glossary will … Read more LCD Glossary

FAQ: How Do I Display an Image on the Crystalfontz 835 LCD Module?

CFA835 - 244x68 Graphic LCD - Crystalfontz

Question: How do I display an image on CFA835 module using the RS232 interface? Answer:  You can send an image directly from your host application, or read it off the uSD card. Image Requirements for Use on an LCD Module The image needs to be a BMP, grayscale, 8 bits/pixel, no compression, Microsoft Windows format only. … Read more FAQ: How Do I Display an Image on the Crystalfontz 835 LCD Module?

Arduino Driving a SPI Graphic OLED

Arduino With Crystalfontz SPI Graphic OLED

It’s amazingly simple to get this OLED module working with an Arduino Uno! The below photo offers a quick overview showing a Crystalfontz CFAL5016A-Y 50×16 Graphic OLED Module in SPI mode connected to an Arduino Uno R3. The display is connected using 3-wire SPI mode which uses 10-bit transfers. The software demonstrates bit-banged software 10-bit SPI. Video Demonstration Please … Read more Arduino Driving a SPI Graphic OLED