New 4.3″ and 5″ TFT Displays

4.3″ TFTs in Two Resolutions

We recently brought up a variety of 4.3″ TFT displays. With two resolution options (either 800×480 or 480×272) and three touch options (no touch, resistive touch, and capacitive touch) that’s six new mid-sized TFTs. All of these displays have bright backlights making them sunlight readable and are IPS.

The new 4.3″ Displays:

Capacitive Touch MIPI Display

Another new display is the 720×1280 5″ Capacitive Touchscreen TFT Display. This display has overhanging capacitive glass for easy and clean mounting, MIPI DSI, and IPS.

It joins the 5″ non-touch MIPI DSI display in a family of sleek, thin, high density displays. Watch for our Raspberry Pi CM4 module coming soon featuring this display!

These displays have a Raspberry Pi Linux driver available.

Display held in a hand. Display says "Crystalfontz America CFAF7201280A0-050TC High Density 5" 720x1280 Pixels MIPI DSI Interface IPS Polarizer Viewable from any direction Capacitive Touchscreen Perfect for handheld devices We have a display for that"

Replacement Displays

Crystalfontz strives to keep displays active for as long as possible, but sometimes a critical component goes End of Life and we have to revise the product in a way that affects the form, fit, or function. When that happens, we try to create a display with as few changes as possible. These four displays were recently updated to keep them available for the long run:

122×32 Graphic LCD Display

1.54″ 200×200 Square ePaper Display

320×480 3.5″ Color TFT

320×480 Full-Color Resistive Touchscreen TFT Display

Are you looking for a particular display? Our support team can help you search, or fill custom parts form and we’ll try to find a solution for you.

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