We’re Hiring!

We're Hiring! Crystalfontz.com

November Update: this position has been filled. Thank you for your interest. Are you: → A self-starter with a passion for problem-solving? → Someone who welcomes the opportunity to learn new skills and assume new responsibilities? → Looking for an opportunity to provide excellent technical customer support in a fun, casual work environment? Do You … Read more We’re Hiring!

FAQ: Where can I purchase Transparent or Flexible OLEDs?

Crystalfontz 160x32 Flexible OLED Display

The proliferation of cell phones over the last two decades has dramatically impacted the embedded display market. Update to this blog post: Crystalfontz now carries a selection of flexible and transparent displays. Crystalfontz 128×56 Transparent OLED  Related blog post: Crystalfontz Transparent Displays Crystalfontz 160×32 flexible OLED display Crystalfontz 2.13″ Flexible ePaper Display  Flexible ePaper Development Kit The … Read more FAQ: Where can I purchase Transparent or Flexible OLEDs?

Green Shipping

Green Shipping - Box Recycle

Did you know that Crystalfontz offers a ‘green shipping option’? We do. Upon checkout, it is possible to select this option, giving us permission to reuse a box to ship out your order. All of our modules are shipped using ESD-safe packaging and packaged to ensure safe delivery. We appreciate your help in reducing the … Read more Green Shipping

A Quick ePaper Primer

ePaper Square Module by Crystalfontz

Did you know that ePaper modules emulate ink used  for paper? Check out the meaning of the glossary term electrophoresis and how it relates to ePaper module displays. Need ePaper for Your Project? For assistance in determining what ePaper module is the best one for your application, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or … Read more A Quick ePaper Primer

Not So FAQ: Can you use 30 temperature sensors, 200 feet from the PC ?

633 WinTest Temperature Measurement - crystalfontz.com

Here is a not-so-common customer question: Is it possible to measure server temperatures using 30 different sensors, 200 feet away from the computer? Answer: Yes, this possible! Our WRDOWY17 temperature sensor is a natural choice for this type of application. The Crystalfontz 16×2 character LCD with keypad gives an easy serial or USB interface to 32 WRDOWY17 sensors. … Read more Not So FAQ: Can you use 30 temperature sensors, 200 feet from the PC ?