Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team sometimes notices they’ve received the same question a few times. When that occurs, we add it to our FAQ queue, to make a blog post accessible to everyone. These FAQs include how to get devices working, questions about the display industry, questions about microcontrollers, and more! Do you have a question not covered here? Contact Crystalfontz Support.

Transparent Display: How to Hack Together Your Own Transparent Display

DIY Transparent Display The transparent display we offer for sale (CFAL12856A0-0151) is an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. OLED displays produce images by emitting light in the corresponding color. To produce black in a normal OLED, the pixels are simply turned off. With the transparent display, if the pixels are turned off, the display

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FTDI/Bridgetek Embedded Video Engine (EVE) Modules

What makes EVE modules so great? Crystalfontz EVE modules include an EVE graphic controller from FTDI/Bridgetek making it easy to use and control the display, touch, backlight, and audio features of an embedded system. Each of the controllable features appears to the host MCU as a memory-mapped SPI device. The host MCU sends commands and

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Office of the US Trade Representative


Manufacturers and retailers in the United States and worldwide are grappling with how the new (and proposed) tariffs will impact business. This includes Crystalfontz. Some of the US Tariffs to Date These tariffs are additional fees on goods brought into the US from other countries. 30% tariffs on solar panels 25% / 10% tariffs on steel

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