New Products

See some of the latest display products that we’ve showcased. Crystalfontz has hundreds of LCD display modules as well as OLED, epaper, and TFT displays. For up to the minute information, check out our frequently updated newest product list.

FTDI/Bridgetek Embedded Video Engine (EVE) Modules

What makes EVE modules so great? Crystalfontz EVE modules include an EVE graphic controller from FTDI/Bridgetek making it easy to use and control the display, touch, backlight, and audio features of an embedded system. Each of the controllable features appears to the host MCU as a memory-mapped SPI device. The host MCU sends commands and

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240x240 Color TFT LCD Display Part Number: CFAF240240A1-013T

New Product Alert: Square 240×240 TFT LCD

Introducing our newest addition to the Crystalfontz line of TFT displays: our 240×240 square full-color TFT display — a small, high-density square TFT LCD module. This display is ideal for any application that needs a small display, especially useful for wearables, smartwatch, or small handheld instruments. Hip to be Square Reasons we love this display: Shape: The

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