A Closer Look: Crystalfontz ePaper 200×200 1.54″ Zero-Power Display

Crystalfontz e-paper 200x200

This black and white 200×200 e-paper display module is a perfect size for small, low power electronic shelf labels. Once the epaper’s eink image is shown, it remains visible with zero additional power! These e-Paper displays will retain the last image shown on their screen indefinitely, with no electrical connections and zero power consumption. Additional Benefits … Read more A Closer Look: Crystalfontz ePaper 200×200 1.54″ Zero-Power Display

A Quick ePaper Primer

ePaper Square Module by Crystalfontz

Did you know that ePaper modules emulate ink used  for paper? Check out the meaning of the glossary term electrophoresis and how it relates to ePaper module displays. Need ePaper for Your Project? For assistance in determining what ePaper module is the best one for your application, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or … Read more A Quick ePaper Primer

e-Paper is Here!

Question: What’s so special about e-Paper? Answer: The key to e-paper is low power. e-Paper Displays Are A Low Power Solution If your project needs a very low-power display solution, a zero-power ePaper display is the answer. First designed to mimic the appearance of black ink on white paper, these electrophoretic display modules are sometimes referred … Read more e-Paper is Here!

New Product: Arduino and LCD Module Bundles

Arduino With Graphic LCD

Crystalfontz America announces three new supporting products for the128x64 pixel COG (Chip-On-Glass) graphic LCD display module series of displays based on the CFA10072 carrier board. 128×64 Graphic LCD Breakout Kit Using SPI or 8-bit parallel interface, simply connect the standard 20-pin header (0.100″ pitch) to your system’s PCB, using WR-JMP-Y40 jumper wires. No soldering required. … Read more New Product: Arduino and LCD Module Bundles