This product is discontinued and has been replaced by EDP-2


Part Number: EDP-1

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Character LCD Evaluation & Development Platform, Order along with a CFAH* module, we will attach the module to the EDP-1, and include a power supply.

The EDP allows you to quickly and easily evaluate any Crystalfontz CFAH module. When you order an EDP plus a CFAH module, we will attach the module to the EDP and include a power supply. All you have to do is plug in the power supply and the module and backlight will come to life.

This is an ideal solution to be able to get a module powered up for approval by other departments within your company.

Crystalfontz will only sell an EDP mounted (soldered) to a CFAH* module. If you would like to purchase an EDP board separately, please contact Jem Innovation.

This board does NOT work with the 1602d, 1602m, 1602o, 1602p and 2002D modules, nor will it work with any part number ending in JPV, JTV or V.